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Chaise longue care and cleaning


Wooden chaise longue maintenance

1, generally every quarter can be a key maintenance, available floor wax car wax on the furniture surface waxing treatment.

2, the furniture should be placed indoors in a dry and ventilated environment, the surface covered with dust-proof materials, avoid the product is placed in a non-ventilated and humid environment, so as not to mold.

Cleaning of wooden lounge chairs

Clean with a vacuum cleaner can be sucked again or with a soft brush brush from the inside out first dust, and then wet a little clean white cloth wipe it again and dry with a dry white cotton cloth moisture, and finally with a small power blower blow Can do it.

Cane chaise longue maintenance

1, to avoid direct sunlight to prevent the fading of rattan material, dried.

2, do not make it touch and near the source of heat, heat, do not exposure to the sun for a long time, otherwise easy to deformation, bending, cracking, loosening and detachment.

3, rattan in use for a period of time, can be used to wipe light rattan furniture, both decontamination, but also to maintain its pliability enduring, there are certain pest control.

4, the original color rattan furniture renovation methods: first clean dry, and then use sandpaper polished rattan furniture outside the rattan, so that the skin to remove stains and restore smooth, then a layer of light oil protection, that is a new look.

Cane lounge chairs for cleaning

Because the rattan furniture surface more places to hide the dust, the cleaner can use the vacuum cleaner to suck again or with a soft brush from the inside to the outside of the first floating dust to wipe, then wipe with a damp cloth again, and finally wipe with a soft rag that can.