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Outdoor deck cleaning care matters needing attention


Outdoor sun loungers should pay attention to maintenance, but also need to be based on the material to carry out, different materials maintenance methods vary. Here to tell you about wooden and rattan outdoor sunbeds maintenance methods:


    Wooden lounge chair


    Cleaning Notes:


    First with a soft brush from the inside out to the first dust or vacuum suction again, and then use a slightly damp clean white cloth Wipe it again, and then dry the white cotton dry moisture, and finally with a small power blower dry.


    Conservation Note:


    Every quarter to be a key maintenance, such as car wax floor wax cargo waxing on the surface treatment.


    Avoid placing furniture in a humid, unventilated place to avoid moldy; in addition to the furniture placed in a dry and ventilated place, the surface is best covered with dust-proof materials.


    Cane lounge chairs


    Cleaning Notes:


    Wicker furniture, the surface of the place to hide more dust can be used to clean the vacuum cleaner or once again with a soft brush from the inside out to the first dust dusted, and then wipe with a damp cloth again, and finally wipe with a soft rag .


    Maintenance Notes:


    Direct sunlight will fade the rattan material, dry, should be avoided in direct sunlight to the place.


    Away from fire, heat, to avoid prolonged exposure, or easily deformed, bent, cracked, loose and disconnected.


    After using for a period of time, can be wiped with light salt water, both decontamination, but also to maintain its flexibility, as well as some pest control.


    Original rattan furniture renovation methods: first clean dry, sandpaper with sandpaper polished furniture, so that the skin stains removed and restored smooth, then a layer of light oil protection, that is, a new look