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Rattan furniture makeovers to take the fashion stage


Weaving furniture in its memory of its history has been very long, our traditional Chinese handmade furniture, has been replaced by modern industrial technology, handmade products slowly fade out of our lives. Nowadays, it appears in the use of our home, after some makeovers, embarked on the stage of fashion, the combination of tradition and modernity, but because of hand-made and have a higher value.


What is vine? Vine is a tropical plant growing in the rainforest, light and tough, which can weave a variety of forms of furniture, the most prominent feature is the moisture absorbing endothermic, natural breathable, anti-moth-eaten, will not easily deformed and cracked and other physical properties Equivalent to or exceed the high-end hardwood.


       Cane furniture is one of the oldest furniture in the world, and people long ago used vines to make a variety of furniture, such as chairs, beds and cabinets, by cutting the canes into extremely thin and flat Rattan, woven into a variety of patterns for the back, cabinet doors or rattan baskets. The raw processing of rattan material is quite complex, to go through cooking, drying, bleaching, anti-virus, sterilization and other processes. Teng products undergo a rigorous processing, with good flexibility, breathable, natural texture, feel fresh, comfortable and chic, ergonomic and other characteristics. Appearance, rattan furniture, elegant, beautiful, close to nature, with high appreciation.


At present, rattan weaving materials, handcraft and technology sources are mainly based on traditional crafts in Southeast Asia, so that rattan products are full of ancient Southeast Asian style, less modern style, and are generally more popular with middle-aged ethnic groups. Cane chair is not only quaint and lack of fun, and its styling is very much artistic, both Chinese and European court, crown and rules.


Rattan furniture will be hand-knit and industrial production together, will be different shapes, different patterns, or even cleverly combined fabric, pieces of natural art works, in reinforced concrete urban life, so that people enjoy the rare natural low-carbon With natural elegance.


Moisture method rattan furniture: more wet weather in spring, while the rattan furniture, fear of tide, once damp, rattan furniture will become soft, loose structure, flat sagging, breeding mildew. Ventilation of rattan furniture should always be maintained. Dust on the rattan surface should be wiped with a soft damp cloth. Clearance between the dust with a paint brush or vacuum cleaner, can not use the rattan furniture has damaged the surface of the detergent or solvent wipe.